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Student Sex Video at Bubble Wrap Party

August 18th, 2013 by admin | Comments Off on Student Sex Video at Bubble Wrap Party | Filed in Dare Dorm

student sex videos

Here’s an awesome hardcore bubble wrap party! This student sex tape was taken because someone decided to bring a camera to what was supposed to be a private party, but they let him in anyway because they thought it would be fun to take some dirty pictures. We get to share in the action when things get super-hot and heavy, watching these beautiful girls fuck their brains out with multiple cocks at once! One of them even gives the rocker devil horns with cock in her mouth. These college girls sure love fucking!

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Real Dorm Sex

January 13th, 2013 by admin | Comments Off on Real Dorm Sex | Filed in Dare Dorm

real college sex

College is all about learning and helping friends learn what they obviously missed. These girls are very willing to help their college mates learn a few things in sex education they didn’t know before. They sit two guys down and blind fold them. As they got through grinding and getting their dicks hard, they start to suck their dicks. These guys are having such a good time getting their dicks sucked; they forgot they were supposed to be learning. These lovely ladies even go so far as to fuck them hard as they can because they want to teach each one the pleasures of the flesh. See more real dorm sex here today!

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Drunk College Girls Sex Party

December 8th, 2012 by shayne | Comments Off on Drunk College Girls Sex Party | Filed in Dare Dorm

college girls party

what could be better than a bunch of horny college girls getting rough and rowdy with one another while drinking a bunch of booze? Catching it all on camera, of course! These hot bitches are so excited to be showing off their skills that they are willing to do just about anything to prove that they are the skankiest of college girls. From sucking one another’s tits to fucking each other with huge strap ons, these drunken college sluts go to extremes to have a good time. They are young, hot, and horny, so why not have the best time of their lives with themselves and each other?

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Amateur Coed Filmed Fucking in Dorm

November 16th, 2012 by shayne | Comments Off on Amateur Coed Filmed Fucking in Dorm | Filed in Dare Dorm

amateur student sex tape

Late night in college dorm rooms all over the nation, there is always something super nasty and freaky going on with the girls that love to fuck. However, some situations are insane. A college girl that loves to fuck rides the shit out of a cock while all of his friends are right there in the room videotaping her buck wild performance. Does she appear to even care? Absolutely not, this is her moment to shine doing something she loves, which is getting fucked good and hard. She might think twice about drinking games in the future, but her love for fucking is never going to change.

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Wild Dorm Sex Party

October 6th, 2012 by shayne | Comments Off on Wild Dorm Sex Party | Filed in Dare Dorm

dorm sex party

Dare Dorm is where the students are learning a lot more than advanced calculus! With everything from girl-on-girl to huge gangbangs, this is all real footage of tuition money gone bad! College dorms become dens of iniquities as horny college students break all the rules, and sometimes it even involves whipped cream and then getting even dirtier in the shower! Then it was back to the room where they tested the strength of the bunk beds in a legendary fuck fest as the rest of them still managed to hoot and holler even with mouths full of cock and pussy!

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Amateur Dorm Sex Tape

September 23rd, 2012 by admin | Comments Off on Amateur Dorm Sex Tape | Filed in Dare Dorm

amateur dorm sex

This group of amateur college students are wild as they come. They were partying in their dorm room and somehow the drinking and mayhem led to serious pussy licking and crazy student sex videos being recorded. The students did win money for submitting the video. They got kicked off campus for doing so too. College students will do anything for money! Especially in the Dare Dorm.


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Exploited College Girls Videos

June 16th, 2012 by admin | Comments Off on Exploited College Girls Videos | Filed in Dare Dorm

exploited college girls

We have another amazing surprise for you all today! I’ll give you a hint. It has to do with students getting drunk and exploited! Give up? Well, it’s another crazy update from the Dare Dorm. This time we have a ton of exploited college girls videos that you can pretty much access for free. This is actually a complete set of clips we recorded for the daredorm. Trust me when I say that you are going to enjoy these so fucking much! If you don’t I will send a girl to your house to fuck you personally. Enjoy the college girls having sex!

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College Dare Dorm Orgy Pictures

April 30th, 2012 by admin | Comments Off on College Dare Dorm Orgy Pictures | Filed in Dare Dorm

daredorm orgy
What happens when you take two horny college girls, two horny college guys, a giant bottle of vodka, and leave them alone in an empty dorm? A whole lot of dorm sex, that’s what! On this episode of Dare Dorm these college kids are set to make the most of their experience by recording their sexcapades in this college porn. The girls get loose and the boys take off their pants, and soon everyone is sucking and fucking, well, everyone! This isn’t your mama’s college sex; these kids are down to fuck anytime, anywhere! Come watch!

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College Dare Dorm Cowgirl Sex Video

March 10th, 2012 by admin | Comments Off on College Dare Dorm Cowgirl Sex Video | Filed in Dare Dorm

daredorm video
You know the question; Truth, or Dare? What kind of good college girl wouldn’t pick dare?! In dare dorm this college cutie is dared to have a little dorm sex with a nearby boy, but with a twist; she must do so wearing a pink cowgirl hat, boots, and take it all from behind! In this college porn you can see her act out her dare with her college sex session and decide; do you think she should have done the dare? Or would this cowgirl have been better off telling the truth?

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College Student Dare Dorm Sex

March 8th, 2012 by admin | Comments Off on College Student Dare Dorm Sex | Filed in Dare Dorm

daredorm videos

After being dared to lick the whipped cream off of her dorm mates stomach, one little brunette college girl gets a great idea. Instead of just licking up whipped cream, why not make one another cream and lick that up instead? She starts by getting a guy to lick her mound through her panties, and soon that starts off the wave of dorm sex that occurs, and believe me it just gets hotter. Dare Dorm has done it again in this college porn; you are not going to want to miss a minute of this college sex!

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